Late Nites

September 16th 2016 - January 26th 2019

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"Every weekend Metrograph caters to the local parents with our all-ages, family-friendly, brunch-convenient Playtime matinees—but who’s doing something for the after-hours denizens of this insomniac town, the folks who want to wind down with a movie and a bite? So we present Late Nites at Metrograph, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: a series for connoisseurs of cocktails and nocturnal film freaks to hobnob, clink glasses, and see some of the best and most bizarre in cinema. The Commissary will be serving drinks and a special late night menu into the wee hours."—Metrograph

Upcoming Screenings

Past Screenings

  • News From Home
    Chantal Akerman197785 minDCP
    • Metrograph
      • Friday Sep 168:45pm10:30pm
      • Saturday Sep 178:45pm10:30pm
      • Monday Sep 197:00pm9:00pm
  • Mind Game
    Masaaki Yuasa2004104 minDCP
    • Metrograph
      • Friday Mar 29:15pm11:15pm
      • Saturday Mar 39:00pm11:00pm
      • Sunday Mar 44:00pm
      • Monday Mar 59:30pm
      • Tuesday Mar 64:30pm9:30pm
      • Wednesday Mar 74:15pm9:30pm
      • Friday Mar 93:45pm10:00pm
      • Saturday Mar 102:45pm10:00pm
      • Sunday Mar 1110:00pm
      • Tuesday Mar 131:00pm9:30pm
      • Wednesday Mar 142:45pm9:30pm
      • Thursday Mar 159:30pm
      • Monday Mar 195:00pm9:30pm
      • Wednesday Mar 211:00pm5:45pm
      • Friday Aug 2411:00pm
      • Saturday Aug 2511:00pm
      • Sunday Aug 2611:00pm
      • Thursday Jan 311:00pm
      • Friday Jan 411:00pm
      • Saturday Jan 511:00pm
  • Kaili Blues
    Bi Gan2016113 minDCP
    • Metrograph
      • Thursday Jan 105:00pm11:00pm
      • Friday Jan 1111:00pm
      • Saturday Jan 1211:00pm