The Films of Annemarie Jacir

October 5th 2018 - October 18th 2018

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The films of trailblazing Palestinian director Annemarie Jacir are urgent looks at what it means to live on the margins of your own homeland. With a mix of humor, righteous anger, and stirring lyricism, she illuminates the plight and perseverance of the Palestinian people whose stories and perspectives have for too long been erased on screen.
Oct 5—11

Past Screenings

  • Wajib
    Annemarie Jacir201796 minDCP
    • BAM
      • Friday Oct 52:00pm4:30pm7:00pm9:30pm
      • Saturday Oct 67:00pm9:30pm
      • Sunday Oct 72:00pm9:30pm
      • Monday Oct 84:30pm7:00pm9:30pm
      • Tuesday Oct 94:30pm7:00pm9:30pm
      • Wednesday Oct 104:30pm7:00pm9:30pm
      • Thursday Oct 114:30pm7:00pm9:30pm
      • Friday Oct 123:30pm5:40pm
      • Sunday Oct 148:00pm
      • Monday Oct 154:30pm9:30pm
      • Tuesday Oct 164:30pm9:30pm
      • Wednesday Oct 174:30pm
      • Thursday Oct 184:30pm
    • BAM
      • Sunday Oct 74:15pm
    • BAM
      • Sunday Oct 77:15pm