Jacques Becker

August 1st 2018 - August 16th 2018

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Wednesday, August 1 – Thursday, August 16

Assistant to Jean Renoir during his greatest years, Jacques Becker (1906-1960) perhaps outdid his mentor in versatility, from his Parisian “youth trilogy” (Antoine and Antoinette, Rendezvous in July, and Edouard and Caroline) to vintage French Noir and the toughest of prison films, effortlessly using long takes, bullet-quick cutting, exhilarating location shooting, slices of life, and inevitable melodrama – with a warmth and zest for people throughout.

Presented with support from The George Fasel Memorial Fund for Classic French Cinema

Programmed by Bruce Goldstein

Past Screenings

  • Antoine and Antoinette
    Jacques Becker194778 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Wednesday Aug 14:50pm
      • Friday Aug 32:45pm
      • Sunday Aug 56:40am12:30pm
      • Monday Aug 612:30pm
      • Wednesday Aug 812:30pm
      • Friday Aug 1012:30pm
      • Sunday Aug 128:45pm
      • Tuesday Aug 1412:30pm
      • Wednesday Aug 1512:30pm
      • Thursday Aug 164:30pm6:20pm
  • Rendezvous in July
    Jacques Becker1949112 minDCP
    New DCP restoration in 4K
    • Film Forum
      • Wednesday Aug 112:30pm2:40pm
      • Thursday Aug 24:55am12:30pm7:15pm
      • Friday Aug 312:30pm4:55pm7:15pm
      • Saturday Aug 412:30pm7:10pm
      • Sunday Aug 52:30pm8:40pm
      • Monday Aug 62:20pm8:45pm
      • Tuesday Aug 712:30pm2:40pm4:50pm
      • Tuesday Aug 142:20pm
      • Thursday Aug 166:15pm8:15pm
  • Edouard and Caroline
    Jacques Becker195185 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Thursday Aug 22:45pm
      • Saturday Aug 44:40pm
      • Sunday Aug 54:40pm
      • Monday Aug 64:40pm
      • Wednesday Aug 82:20pm
      • Friday Aug 102:20pm
      • Tuesday Aug 144:40pm
      • Thursday Aug 162:20pm8:30pm
  • Touchez-Pas au Grisbi
    Jacques Becker195494 minDCP
    New DCP restoration
    • Film Forum
      • Friday Aug 39:30pm
      • Wednesday Aug 87:00pm
      • Friday Aug 108:10pm
      • Saturday Aug 112:45pm9:15pm
      • Monday Aug 133:00pm
      • Wednesday Aug 1512:30pm6:30pm9:45pm
      • Thursday Aug 1612:30pm
  • Casque d'Or
    Jacques Becker195294 min35mm
    • Film Forum
      • Saturday Aug 42:40pm9:30pm
      • Wednesday Aug 87:00pm
      • Friday Aug 104:10am10:10pm
      • Monday Aug 135:10pm
      • Tuesday Aug 148:30pm
      • Wednesday Aug 155:10pm8:30pm
      • Thursday Aug 1612:30pm
  • Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
    Jacques Becker195492 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Monday Aug 66:45pm
      • Saturday Aug 1112:30pm
  • Le Trou
    Jacques Becker1960131 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Tuesday Aug 79:10pm
      • Wednesday Aug 84:10pm
      • Monday Aug 1312:30pm
      • Wednesday Aug 152:30pm7:10pm
  • Arsene Lupin
    Jacques Becker1957104 minDCP
  • Falbalas
    Jacques Becker194595 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Thursday Aug 912:40pm4:50pm9:10pm
      • Saturday Aug 117:15pm
      • Sunday Aug 124:15pm
      • Monday Aug 139:25pm
      • Thursday Aug 162:30pm
  • Goupi Mains Rouges
    Jacques Becker1943104 min35mm
  • Dernier Atout
    Jacques Becker1942105 min35mm
  • The Lovers of Montparnasse
    Jacques Becker1958120 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Saturday Aug 114:45pm
      • Sunday Aug 126:15pm
  • La Vie est a Nous
    Jean Renoir, Jacques Becker and Henri Cartier-Bresson193666 min35mm
  • Grand Illusion
    Jean Renoir1937117 min
  • Rue de l'Estrapade
    Jacques Becker1953100 min35mm