The Frequency of Fear: The Power and Glory of the Motion Picture Soundtrack


Today we feature an interview with Dean Hurley, a longtime collaborator with David Lynch on all manner of sound and music projects as a mixer, engineer, performer, songwriter, and more. In a chat with Screen Slate's Jon Dieringer, Hurley discusses his career working with Lynch; the structure of traditional sound departments versus more hands-on approaches; how filmmakers can design scenes for dynamic sonic experiences; and the ability to tap into frequencies that ripple physical space–and, perhaps, open portals into other worlds.

Tonight Hurley appears at Film Noir cinema in Greenpoint to present The Frequency of Fear: The Power and the Glory of the Motion Picture Soundtrack, part of the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies. You can also check out a trailer for the evening cut by Hurley over on our Instagram.

Read the full interview here.