Thursday November 12th 2020 8:00PM EST

Out of the Ether: Kerry Laitala

Out of the Ether: Kerry Laitala

Followed by live discussion with the artist

Working across film, performance, sculpture, and photography, artist and media archeologist Kerry Laitala creates spectral images that bring the past into a haunted present. Laitala enlivens images of Victorian stereoscopy, whirling paracinematic wonders, and scientific illustration with color and flickering abstraction, making visible and harmonious both the symbolic and chemical languages of cinema. The program will include:

Fire Fly EYE (2020, 7 min)
Knee Jerk (2019, 6 min)
Figments in Film (2019, 8 min)
Secure The Shadow… Ere The Substance Fade (1997, 9 min)
Retrospectoscope (1997, 6 min)
Out of the Ether (2003, 10 min)
Conjurer’s Box (2011, 4 min)

Followed by a live discussion with Stream Slate co-programmer Nellie Killian.