Academy Award-Nominated Shorts 2018

February 22nd 2018 - March 1st 2018

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Our popular annual showcase of the animated, live-action, and documentary short films nominated for this year’s (2018) Academy Awards returns starting on Wednesday, February 7 with live-action and animation programs, and starting on Friday, February 9 for both documentary programs.

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Upcoming Screenings

  • Shorts by Kate Davis, Frank Stiefel, and Laura Checkoway & Thomas Lee Wrights
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Feb 2310:05am1:40pm5:00pm9:25pm
      • Saturday Feb 2410:05am1:40pm5:00pm9:25pm
      • Sunday Feb 2510:05am1:40pm5:00pm9:25pm
      • Monday Feb 2610:05am1:40pm5:00pm10:00pm
      • Tuesday Feb 2710:05am1:40pm5:00pm9:25pm
      • Wednesday Feb 2810:05am1:40pm5:00pm9:25pm
      • Thursday Mar 110:05am1:40pm5:00pm9:45pm
  • Shorts by Reed Van Dyk, Chris Overton & Rachel Shenton, Kevin Wilson, Jr., Derin Seale & Josh Lawson, and Katja Benrath & Tobias Rosen
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Feb 2310:00am12:15pm1:45pm4:15pm6:00pm8:40pm10:10pm
      • Saturday Feb 2410:00am12:15pm1:45pm4:15pm6:00pm8:40pm10:10pm
      • Sunday Feb 2510:00am12:15pm1:45pm4:15pm6:00pm8:40pm10:10pm
      • Monday Feb 2610:00am12:15pm1:45pm4:15pm6:00pm8:40pm10:10pm
      • Tuesday Feb 2710:00am12:15pm1:45pm4:15pm6:00pm8:40pm10:10pm
      • Wednesday Feb 2810:00am12:15pm1:45pm4:15pm6:00pm8:40pm10:10pm
      • Thursday Mar 110:00am12:15pm1:45pm4:15pm6:00pm8:40pm10:10pm
  • Shorts by Glen Keane & Kobe Bryant, Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata, Dave Mullins & Dana Murray, Jakob Schuh & Jan Lachauer, Victor Caire & Gabriel Grapperon, Daniel Agdag, and Nicholas Arioli
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Feb 2310:30am11:55am2:20pm3:55pm6:35pm8:20pm10:40pm
      • Saturday Feb 2410:30am11:55am2:20pm3:55pm6:35pm8:20pm10:40pm
      • Sunday Feb 2510:30am11:55am2:20pm3:55pm6:35pm8:20pm10:40pm
      • Monday Feb 2610:30am11:55am2:20pm3:55pm6:35pm8:20pm10:40pm
      • Tuesday Feb 2710:30am11:55am2:20pm3:55pm6:35pm8:20pm10:40pm
      • Wednesday Feb 2810:30am11:55am2:20pm3:55pm6:35pm8:20pm10:40pm
      • Thursday Mar 110:30am11:55am2:20pm3:55pm6:35pm8:20pm10:40pm
  • Shorts by Elaine McMillion Sheldon & Kerrin Sheldon and Thomas Lennon
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Feb 2312:00pm3:00pm7:25pm
      • Saturday Feb 2412:00pm3:00pm7:25pm
      • Sunday Feb 2512:00pm3:00pm7:25pm
      • Monday Feb 2612:00pm3:00pm7:25pm
      • Tuesday Feb 2712:00pm3:00pm7:25pm
      • Wednesday Feb 2812:00pm3:00pm7:25pm
      • Thursday Mar 112:00pm3:00pm7:25pm

Past Screenings