The Complete Wiseman: Part I Early Wiseman

April 14th 2017 - April 27th 2017

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"Fifty years ago, Boston lawyer Frederick Wiseman often took his students to the State Hospital for the Insane, to show them the kind of place “they might some day be committing someone to,” then decided to film it – and, sans music, titles or narration, he’s been unflinchingly showing us aspects of our lives ever since.

Titicut Follies, the James Sewell Ballet’s new work based on Wiseman’s landmark film, will have its world premiere at NYU’s Skirball Theater on April 28.

Titicut Follies, High School and Hospital have been preserved in 35mm by the Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Conservation Center, from original camera negatives in the Zipporah Films Collection." - Film Forum

Past Screenings

  • Titicut Follies
    Frederick Wiseman196784 min35mm
    • Film Forum
      • Friday Apr 1412:30pm4:10pm8:00pm
      • Saturday Apr 1512:30pm4:10pm8:00pm
      • Friday Apr 218:00pm
      • Saturday Apr 224:50pm8:20pm
      • Wednesday Apr 262:30pm6:00pm
      • Thursday Apr 2712:30pm
  • Law and Order
    Frederick Wiseman196981 min16mm
    • Film Forum
      • Friday Apr 142:20pm6:00pm9:45pm
      • Thursday Apr 2012:30pm4:15pm8:30pm
  • High School
    196875 min16mm
    • Film Forum
      • Saturday Apr 152:20pm6:00pm9:50pm
      • Friday Apr 211:30pm6:00pm10:15pm
      • Saturday Apr 222:50pm6:40pm10:10pm
      • Thursday Apr 272:20pm10:00pm
  • Essene
    Frederick Wiseman197286 min16mm
  • Model
    Frederick Wiseman1980129 min16mm
    • Film Forum
      • Sunday Apr 161:30pm
      • Wednesday Apr 193:30pm8:30pm
  • Juvenile Court
    Frederick Wiseman1973144 min16mm
  • Welfare
    Frederick Wiseman1975107 min16mm
    • Film Forum
      • Monday Apr 173:30pm9:30pm
      • Sunday Apr 236:15pm
  • Meat
    Frederick Wiseman1976113 min16mm
  • Primate
    Frederick Wiseman1974105 min16mm
  • The Store
    Frederick Wiseman1983118 min16mm
  • Basic Training
    Frederick Wiseman197189 min16mm
  • Racetrack
    Frederick Wiseman1985114 min16mm
  • Hospital
    Frederick Wiseman197084 min35mm
    • Film Forum
      • Sunday Apr 234:00pm8:30pm
      • Tuesday Apr 254:00pm9:15pm
      • Tuesday Apr 254:00pm9:15pm
      • Wednesday Apr 2612:45pm4:15pm
      • Wednesday Apr 2612:45pm4:15pm
  • Maneuver
    Frederick Wiseman1979115 min16mm
  • Sinai Field Mission
    Frederick Wiseman1978127 min16mm
  • Canal Zone
    Frederick Wiseman1977174 min16mm