Miyazaki at Studio Ghibli

January 2nd 2018 - January 16th 2019

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"Shot over the course of two years, documentary Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki observes the old master in the process of learning new tricks, facing the threat of his project’s cancellation and his own self-doubt in this invaluable look at the creative process of a genius who has never ceased to push himself. Alongside our run of Never-Ending Man, Metrograph presents a beloved selection of Studio Ghibli films, all directed by Miyazaki."—Metrograph

Past Screenings

  • Spirited Away
    Hayao Miyazaki2001135 minDCP
    • Metrograph
      • Tuesday Jan 29:00pm
      • Thursday Dec 611:00pm
      • Thursday Dec 137:30pm
      • Friday Dec 1410:30pm
      • Wednesday Dec 262:30pm
      • Thursday Dec 272:00pm
      • Sunday Dec 3011:00am4:00pm
      • Wednesday Jan 22:30pm9:00pm
      • Friday Jan 45:30pm
  • Kiki's Delivery Service
    Hayao Miyazaki1989103 minDCP
    • Metrograph
      • Saturday Feb 1711:00am
      • Sunday Feb 1811:00am
      • Friday Feb 234:15pm
      • Saturday Feb 2411:00am
      • Sunday Feb 2511:00am
      • Wednesday Feb 285:00pm
      • Thursday Dec 135:15pm
      • Saturday Dec 291:00pm7:00pm
      • Monday Dec 3112:00pm
      • Monday Jan 72:15pm
      • Wednesday Jan 92:30pm
      • Sunday Jan 1311:00am
      • Wednesday Jan 1612:45pm
  • My Neighbor Totoro
    Hayao Miyazaki198886 minDCP
    • Metrograph
      • Monday Dec 105:30pm
      • Tuesday Dec 118:00pm
      • Friday Dec 141:45pm
      • Saturday Dec 2211:00am
      • Sunday Dec 2311:00am
      • Monday Dec 2412:00pm
      • Tuesday Dec 2512:00pm
      • Saturday Dec 2911:00am5:00pm
      • Monday Dec 312:15pm
      • Tuesday Jan 112:30pm
      • Wednesday Jan 212:00pm
      • Thursday Jan 312:30pm
      • Saturday Jan 511:00am
      • Sunday Jan 611:00am
      • Monday Jan 712:30pm
      • Wednesday Jan 95:00pm
      • Saturday Jan 1211:00am
      • Tuesday Jan 151:00pm
  • Princess Mononoke
    Hayao Miyazaki1997135 minDCP
    • Metrograph
      • Monday Dec 109:45pm
      • Tuesday Dec 115:30pm
      • Thursday Dec 132:30pm
      • Sunday Dec 167:45pm
      • Sunday Dec 2312:45pm
      • Wednesday Dec 2612:00pm
      • Thursday Dec 274:30pm
      • Tuesday Jan 12:15pm9:30pm
      • Friday Jan 42:30pm
      • Sunday Jan 65:30pm
      • Tuesday Jan 82:15pm
      • Thursday Jan 101:45pm
      • Friday Jan 111:45pm
  • Castle in the Sky
    Hayao Miyazaki1986124 minDCP
    • Metrograph
      • Wednesday Dec 122:30pm
      • Friday Dec 2812:00pm
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
    Hayao Miyazaki1984117 minDCP
    • Metrograph
      • Wednesday Dec 125:00pm
      • Friday Dec 282:30pm9:00pm