Cat on a Cool Metal Ceiling


This evening multi-projection maestro and optical printing genius Simon Liu and Bradley Eros—self-described ”media mystic,” master improvisor, and cine-subversive—take over Clinton Hill’s temporary artist-run space Kilroy Metal Ceiling for a two-floor, three-ring circus of expanded cinema, music, and performance. Eros and Liu are joined by nearly two dozen associates including ESP TV’s Scott Kiernan, Microscope Gallery’s Elle Burchill & Andrea Monti, sound artist MV Carbon, synth group Underworld Oscillator Corporation, and Eros’ own multi-tentacled expanded cinema collective Optipus.

The friends and collaborators share a number of overlapping interests, including analog film exhibition, slide projections, sophisticated DIY optical printing techniques, found footage, flicker, optical illusions, and liquid lights. There’s a lot of space to fill: a former industrial site slated for demolition this fall, Kilroy has been occupied by a revolving slate of artist and exhibition residencies sharing a large warehouse space, a second floor of artist studios, and a rooftop popup screening space that exhibits radical work most Thursday evenings. Beginning at 8:00 pm, the video and film loops will begin in the downstairs space, followed by a more formal rooftop film screening at 9:00 pm. At 10:00 pm Optipus, UOC and others will launch a live cinema and music performance before the evening is slated to continue (evolve? devolve?) into a dance party at 11:00 pm.

Past Screenings

  • Thu Jul 14 16

    Kilroy Metal Ceiling
    Live A/V, video, film or music by Optipus, Underworld Oscillator Corp, A Clockface Orange, Erik Z, MV Carbon, Schuyler Tsuda, Gill Arno, Simon Liu, Ava Tews, Warren Ng, Ben Hozie, Grace Sloan, Bradley Eros, Alison Nguyen, Scott Kiernan, Pam Kray, Elle Burchill, Josh Lewis, Richard Sylvarnes, John Klacsmann, Andrea Monti, KaiSaR, Enkidu rankX, Klaus Killisch & Shireen Ahmed.