Flooding with Love for the Kid


Today we feature an interview with Drafthouse programmer Cristina Cacioppo over on our website.

The action genre may seem to exclude non-professionals, but filmmakers hailing from Dayton, Ohio to Wakaliwood have risen to the task, and from violence-driven, no-budget spectacle, they've managed to imbue their defiant productions with, we daresay, auteurist sensibilities. Cacioppo spotlights these movies in the series Homemade Action, which includes tonight's screening of no-budget, one-man First Blood remake (or novel re-adaptation) Flooding with Love for the Kid.

Our conversation with Cacioppo ranges from the nuts-and-bolts of programming, like formats and defining conceptual parameters, to debating the personal qualities of mainstream action movies, and considering to the opportunity this series affords to place gender under the microscope. Read the full interview here.

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