The Shiver of the Vampires


Today we feature a full series rundown on Quad's Jean Rollin retrospective. Stephanie Monohan writes:

"Just in time for Halloween, Quad Cinema brings us Très Outré: The Sinister Visions of Jean Rollin, a career-spanning retrospective of the eroti-gothic maestro of le cinéma fantastique. The phantasmagoric French filmmaker creates worlds where both the living and the dead (or undead) are libidinous, pulp finds itself right at home with the avant-garde, and the macabre is disturbingly seductive. The opportunity to see these films all together is beneficial, as Rollin's morbid yet ethereal sensibilities become more intoxicating the more time one spends immersed in them. Let the casket lower all the way down into the dirt."

Read the full piece here.