Thursday, March 22

Terence Davies Trilogy at BAM

What’s Showing Today? Thursday, March 22
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Featured Screening: The Terence Davies Trilogy at BAMCinématek

BAMCinématek‘s Terence Davies retrospective continues today with his first three short films, which together comprise the feature-length Terence Davies Trilogy.

In these debut works, made 1976-1983, elements characterizing much of Davies’ later work is already in place: erudition, a stark, elegant style and thematic preoccupation with time and longing. They tell the continuing story of Davies’s alter-ego Robert Tucker at the points of childhood, young adult life and middle age, and each are structured from the point of view of Robert one generation reflecting back. The first, released when Davies was 31, deals mostly with Robert’s abusive family, religious upbringing and alienation from taunting classmates. In the middle piece, Robert, like Davies at the time, works a banal clerical position by day while indulging his sexuality in the evenings. The third, most acclaimed piece, centers around death—both as Robert experiences it within his own family earlier in his life, and also, at an older age, as he faces his own mortality.

The Terence Davies Trilogy runs at 4:30, 6:50 and 9:15 pm today, and the series continues with Distant Voices, Still Lives Friday, The House of Mirth Saturday and The Neon Bible Tuesday.

Also Noted

The Film Society of Lincoln Center‘s Rialto Pictures series offers up an afternoon of Jean-Paul Belmondo. Breathless plays at 1:15 pm, and he stars as a man of the cloth offering compassion to a disaffected, atheistic widow and French resistance member in Jean-Pierre Melville‘s 1961 Léon Morin, Priest.

bitforms gallery nyc opens a solo exhibition featuring the work of pioneering video artist Beryl Korot this evening. It features her 1977 installation Text and Commentary along with works from 2003 and 2008. Korot discusses the parallel encoding of information in lines and patterns in print, video, weaving and computer programming in this clip from Art 21.

The Pinku series at Spectacle Theater includes two films by Tatsumi Kumashiro: Lovers Are Wet at 7:30 pm and Ichijo’s Wet Lust at 9:30 pm.

And at LaunchPad Kings County Cinema Society presents Brownstones to Red Dirt, a documentary shot in Bed-Stuy.


New Directors/New Films at Film Society of Lincoln Center and MoMA

Michael Pilz at Anthology Film Archives
Series Details

  • Yemen Travelogue–Days at Shibam and SeiyunDetails. Video. 2008. 160 min. 7:00 pm.

American Mavericks at Anthology Film Archives
Series Details

  • On Conlon Nancarrow (Eva Soltes) and West Coast Story: Frontiers of New Music (Michael MacIntyre & Eva Soltes). Details. Video. 1983/1986. 87 min. 7:30 pm.

Terence Davies at BAMCinématek
Series Details

  • The Terence Davies TrilogyDetails. 35mm. 1983. 102 min. 4:30, 6:50 and 9:15 pm.

15 For 15: Celebrating Rialto Pictures at Film Society of Lincoln Center
Series Details

  • Breathless (Jean-Luc Godard). Details. 35mm. 1960. 90 min. 1:15 pm.
  • Léon Morin, Priest (Jean-Pierre Melville).Details. 35mm. 1961. 116 min. 3:15 pm.

Cruel and Unusual Comedy, Part 3: Selections from the Eye Film Institute at MoMA
Series Details

  • Science FictionDetails. 1910-1912. 47 min. 1:30 pm.

Contemporary Galleries: 1980-Now at MoMA
Series Details

  • Faust’s Other: An Idyll (Stan Brakhage). Details. 1988. 45 min. 3:00 pm.

Pinku: Two by Tatsumi Kumashiro at Spectacle Theater
Series Details • Through March 30

  • Lovers Are WetDetails. Digital. 1973. 76 min. 7:30 pm.
  • Ichijo’s Wet LustDetails. Digital. 1972. 69 min. 9:30 pm.

Whitney Biennial 2012 at The Whitney Museum
Series Details • Through May 27

  • Nathaniel Dorsky ProgramDetails. 16mm. 2010-2011. 57 min. Noon, 2:00 and 4:00 pm.

A League of Their Own (Penny Marshall) at 92YTribecaDetails. 35mm. 1992. 128 min. 7:00 pm.
Eyes of Laura Mars 
(Irvin kershner) at Chelsea ClearviewDetails. Early show introduced by drag queen Hedda Lettuce. 1978. 104 min. 7:00 and 9:30 pm.
From Hollywood to Nuremberg: John Ford, Samuel Fuller, George Stevens (Christian Delage)  at IFC CenterDetails. Q&A. 2012. 50 min. 8:00 pm.
Brownstones to Red Dirt (Copper Pot Pictures) at LaunchPad. Details. With a sneak preview of I Am Big Bird. 2010. 85 min. 7:00 pm. FREE.
Prepare for Saints: The Making of a Modern Opera (Steven Watson) at The Metropolitan MuseumDetails. Followed by conversation with director Steven Watson. 27 min. 2:00 pm.
Gavin McInnes: How to Piss in Public at Nitehawk CinemaDetails. 10:00 pm.

OPENING: Beryl Korot “Selected Video Works: 1977 to Present” at bitforms gallery nyc, 529 West 20 Street. 6:00 to 8:30 pm.


Children of Paradise (Marcel Carné) at Film ForumDetails. DCP. 1945. 190 min. 1:00, 4:30 and 8:00 pm.
Gerhard Richter Painting (Corinna Belz) at Film ForumDetails. 2011. 94 min. 1:15, 3:15, 6:00, 8:00 and 10:00 pm.
A Separation (Asghar Farhadi) at Film ForumDetails. 2011. 122 min. 1:15, 4:00, 6:45 and 9:10 pm.
Music Makes a City (Oswley Brown III & Jerome Hiler) at Film Society of Lincoln CenterDetails. Digital. 2010. 103 min. Noon and 7:00 pm. FREE.
Sing Your Song (Susanne Rostock) at Maysles Cinema. Details. 2011. 104 min. 7:30 pm.



Below listed North-South


  • David Lynch at Tilton Gallery, 8 East 76 Street. Open Tues-Sat 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Ends April 14.