Friday, February 24

The Golden Boat at Anthology

What’s Showing Today? Friday, February 24
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Featured Screening: The Golden Boat at Anthology Film Archives

Tonight at Anthology Film Archives‘s tribute to storied experimental theater company The Wooster Group switches gears from a retrospective of their primary works to a selection of other, mostly low-budget narrative films featuring its members. Taken as a whole, The Wooster Group at Large is not only a wonderful display of the group’s considerable talents, but effectively a survey of New York City art-making and performance at a certain time and the collaboration on which they thrived.

This is well-evinced by the opening number, The Golden Boat, an unlikely debut (and perhaps sole) American feature of acclaimed Chilean maestro Raúl Ruiz. Orchestrated by future indie superproducer James Schamus, who reminisces about its production here, the film came together after Schamus’s filmmaking idol had taken a teaching position at Harvard and agreed to travel to New York to make a film on weekends if Schamus threw together the crew and funds. Written by Federico Muchnik, the “hilariously deapan, bload-soaked, surreal romp through the New York art world” involved the on-and-offscreen collaboration of The Wooster Group, The Kitchen, Squat Theatre, Michael Kirby, John Zorn, fellow future rockstar indie producer Christine Vachon and brief appearances by Blood and Guts in High School writer Kathy Acker (pictured above) and filmmakers Jim & Tom Jarmusch and Barbet Schroeder. The film is an odd bird, something like Roger Corman’s A Bucket of Blood reinterpreted through No Wave and Latin soap opera sensibilities. And though little seen, its significance as a film that both united various strands of experimental art and launched the careers of many NYC film legends continues to reverberate. As Schamus recalls, “Rúiz spent a very few days with us here in New York, and left us all inspired, bewildered, and more in love than ever with the possibilities that cinema could create, if we all worked together with mutual respect for each other and with a shared commitment to just jumping in and letting the film take us places we never really planned to go.”

Other can’t-miss series offerings include Monday’s Spalding Gray program featuring work by Bette Gordon, Bruce & Norman Yonemoto and Skip Blumberg; tomorrow’s Richard Serra & Robert Bell and Joan Jonas show; rarely-screened early features by Michael Oblowitz; and The Cabinet of Dr. Ramirez, the sole feature film by stage director Peter Sellars, which stars co-writers (brace yourself) Ron Vawter, Joan Cusak, Peter Gallagher and Mikhail Baryshnikov in a re-make of Dr. Caligari set on Wall Street and produced by David Lynch. …Only released in France!

Also Recommended

John Sayles is in attendance for a 7:30 pm screening of 1989’s Breaking In, also at AFA.

Up at the Film Society of Lincoln CenterFilm Comment Selects pays tribute to the late Ken Russell with Altered States, a psychoactive sci-fi flick written by Network scribe Paddy Chayefsky and adapted from his sole novel.

Wim Wenders‘s American road movie Paris, Texas plays The Rubin Museum.

Portland filmmaker Matt McCormick‘s The Great Northwest screens tonight and tomorrow afternoon at MoMA. The film documents a 3,200-mile journey made in 1958 by four Seattle woman. Having discovered a scrapbook tracing their path, McCormick set out to recreate it. As the description has it, “simultaneously observational and voyeuristic, The Great Northwest is a lyrical time capsule that explores how the landscape and roadside culture of the Pacific Northwest has changed over the past half century.”


From the Pen of: John Sayles at Anthology Film Archives
Series Details

  • Breaking In (Bill Forsyth). Details. Sayles in attendance. 35mm. 1989. 94 min. 7:30 pm.

The Wooster Group at Large at Anthology Film Archives
Series Details

  • The Golden Boat (Raoul Ruiz). Details. 16mm. 1990. 83 min. 9:30 pm.

10th new York Korean Film Festival at BAMcinématek
Series Details

  • Late Autumn (Kim Tae-yong). Details. 2010. 113 min. 6:50 pm.
  • Hindsight (Lee Hyun-seung). Details. 2011. 120 min. 9:15 pm.

William Wellman at Film Forum
Series Details • 2-for-1

  • Westward the WomenDetails. 35mm. 1951. 1:00, 5:05 and 9:10 pm.
  • Track of the CatDetails. 35mm. 1954. 3:10 and 7:15 pm.

Film Comment Selects 2012 at Film Society of Lincoln Center
Series Details

  • Face to Face (Ingmar Bergman). Details. 1975. 126 min. 1:30 pm.
  • Headhunters (Morten Tyldum). Details. Digital. 2011. 101 min. 4:15 pm.
  • Target (Alexander Zeldovich). Details. 35mm. 2011. 158 min. 6:30 pm.
  • Altered States (Ken Russell). Details. 35mm. 1980. 102 min. 9:30 pm.

Family Films at The Film Society of Lincoln Center
Series Details

  • An American in Paris (Vincente Minnelli). Details. Bluray. 1951. 113 min. 2:00 pm.

Documentary Fortnight 2012 at MoMA
Series Details

  • El Field (Daniel Rosas). Details. 2011. 84 min. 1:30 pm.
  • The Great Northwest (Matt McCormick). Details. 2012. 70 min. 4:00 pm.
  • The Average of Average (Michael Madsen). Details. 2011. 50 min. 4:30 pm.
  • Paper Tiger Television 1 (of 3): Designs For a Rrradical New Media. Details. 8:00 pm.

Anti-Valentines at Spectacle Theater
Series Details

  • Eden and After (Alain Robbe-Grillet). Details. 1970. 93 min. 7:30 pm.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me at 92YTribeca. Details. 35mm. 1992. 135 min. 7:30 and 11:00 pm. All sold out!
Ken Kobland Program 1 at Anthology Film Archives. Details. 16mm & video. 1975-2003. 105 min. 7:00 pm.
Lorna’s Silence (Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne) at IFC CenterDetails. 2008. 105 min. 11:00 am.
The Salt of Life (Gianni Di Gregorio) at Museum of the Moving Image. Details. 2011. 90 min. 7:00 pm.
Paris, Texas (Wim Wenders) at The Rubin Museum. Details. Introduced by critic Don Shewey. 1984. 147 min. 9:30 pm.
Not Even the Past (Erik Jeijonborg) at Scandinavia HouseDetails. 2011. 6:00 pm.
Inni (Vincent Morriset) at Spectacle Theater. Details. 2011. 74 min. 9:30 pm.
From Gust to Hail: New England Experimental at UnionDocs. Details. Filmmakers Kathleen Rugh, Lily Sheng and Antonia Kuo and curators Luis Arnías and Matt McWilliams in attendance for discussion. Homemade Apple Cider will be served. 16mm & Super 8. 90 min. 7:30 pm.


Jaws (Steven Spielberg) at IFC CenterDetails. 1975. 124 min. 11:15 pm.
They Live (John Carpenter) at IFC CenterDetails. 35mm. 1988. 93 min. 11:35 pm.
Big Trouble in Little China (John Carpenter) at IFC CenterDetails. 35mm. 1986. 99 min.
Cruising (William Friedkin) at Landmark Sunshine. Details. 1980. 102 min.
A Clockwork Orange
 (Stanley Kubrick) at Nitehawk Cinema. Details. 1971. 136 min.
Nice Girls Don’t Explode (Chuck Martinez) at Spectacle Theater. Details. 1987. 92 min.


Michael (Markus Schleinzer) at Film ForumDetails. 2011. 96 min. 1:15, 3:15, 6:00, 8:00 and 10:00 pm.
A Separation (Asghar Farhadi) at Film ForumDetails. 2011. 123 min. 1:15, 4:00, 6:45 and 9:10 pm.
The Return (Liza Johnson) at MoMA. Details. 2011. 98 min. 7:00 pm.



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